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  • Version 1.3 SP1 Beta 1

Visualizer for Maya Version 1.3 SP1 Beta 1

Things have been silent on the blog but not at the Visualizer offices! Besides the amazing new Imagination PowerVR ray-tracing hardware and software announcements at GDC, we’ve been quietly improving Visualizer for Maya, polishing a few edges and fixing bugs […]

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An Important Security Message to All Caustic Customers

Recently our websites were the subject of an attack that may have exposed some user account details, including email addresses, usernames and encrypted passwords, to unauthorized persons.  If you have made purchases through our online store, it is possible that your […]

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3D World February 2014: Mastering Visualizer for a TV Spot

This month’s 3D World Magazine features a cover story about using Visualizer for Maya 1.3 in a new TV commercial for Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance Company, titled “Crab – Perfect Circle.” You can view the complete spot below or by clicking […]

3D Artist Magazine: Visualizer Review + 60 Day Trial on the CD

Watch for dinosaurs at your local news stand! Issue #63 of 3D Artist Magazine has arrived, and this month’s issue contains not only a detailed review of Visualizer for Maya but also a special 60-day free-trial version of Visualizer on […]

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Visualizer 1.3′s Latest Features: The Movie

Curious about the new features in Visualizer 1.3 for Maya? Look no further. Artist Aradhana Vaidya shows how you can create and delete lights instantly, modify light parameters, make quick updates when switching render layers, and soft shadows with IES […]

Making Masada

With the release of Visualizer for Maya 1.3, the creation, handling and modifying of lights just got a whole lot faster! So we thought, why not put this much improved lighting workflow to the test, by creating a short video […]

Visualizer for Maya 1.3 Official Release

After a rapid-fire series of betas to prove our latest lighting innovations, we’re happy to share: Visualizer for Maya 1.3 This latest Visualizer incorporates huge improvements in lighting workflow — we’ve successfully conquered the most time-consuming part of the lighting stage: creating […]

Visualizer for Maya 1.3 Beta 1

We’re very excited to announce the release of Visualizer for Maya 1.3 Beta 1. This new edition of Visualizer has new lighting code that simply screams through complex light editing. No more halts and fits — create lights, duplicate them, […]

Viewport Render Settings in Visualizer for Maya 1.2

With the release of Visualizer for Maya 1.2, we’ve modified a few of the settings in the Visualizer Viewport dialog box to make it easier to achieve a desired frame rate and image quality in the Maya viewport. For a […]

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Steampunk Lab: Depth of Field

In most renderers, Depth of Field (DOF) is one of those terribly compute intensive processes that can bring even high performance workstations to their knees. In contrast, Visualizer’s innovative approach to ray tracing enables DOF to be real time and […]