Continuing our tutorial series highlighting some of the features and techniques used to create the demo entitled ‘The Steampunk Lab’, artist Justin Schubert shows us how to take advantage of the additional color attribute in a miaX material to create a luminescent effect within a light bulb using Visualizer for Maya. The cheat sheet below will help you follow along with the video. You can follow along in Maya starting from the Lightbulb Maya scene.

    1. Create a temporary surface shader material by going to: Window / Rendering Editors / Hypershade
Hypershade Editor

Hypershade Editor

    1. Click on the surface shader icon within the Hypershade window.
Surface Shader

Click on Surface Shader

    1. Apply the shader to the surface by  selecting the surface, then holding down the right mouse button while hovering over the newly created surface shader’s swatch. While still holding the right mouse button, hover over the Assign Material To Selection and let go of the right mouse button. This shader becomes a viewing tool for previewing the network used to create this effect.
Assign Material to Selected

Assign Material to Selection

    1. Connect the out color of the ramp at the top of our node tree to the out color of the surface shader material.  Using the middle mouse button, drag the ramp into the out color attribute of the surface shader.
Connect Ramp to Shader

Connect Ramp to Shader

    1. Below, we can now see the raw form of this shading network without any diffuse, specular, reflective and or refractive shading elements that can be be distracting to my look development approach.
Raw color output

This is the raw color output of the ramps underlying shading network

    1. If we click on one of these ramps, we can see that some of the colors used within the ramps are super bright values… meaning their color value exceeds one. This is a very useful technique for creating bright objects in a scene, and if GI is on can also actually emit light.
Super bright values

Example of super bright values

    1. Finally, if we apply our miaX material to the light bulb, we can see how all the elements are working together with the additional color attribute to create this effect.
Final Result

This is the final result

Keep watching for more useful features and techniques by the artists at Imagination Technologies Caustic Group.